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    No, but for work I run VNCViewer to display a networked machine and it's a pain to switch back and forth between windows. Beats the alternative.

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    I recently got a laptop to replace my desktop at work. It came with a docking station that supports 2 monitors and a 23" widescreen. I put my old 19" 4:3 at the second monitor. I'm still getting used to make use of having two, but it's come in very handy a few times.

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    I have two 19"'s at work along with the privacy screens. I think the darn screens cost more than the monitors. After getting the second monitor, life got easier. I'm always togging between two docs/window/ect. Having them both next to each other is a huge help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
    You may need a new video card, if the current one can't handle dual monitors. If it can, then you should only need a splitter, like this one:

    I can't recall if my workstation at home has a dual monitor card (1 card, each monitor plugs into its own port) or if I'm using a splitter. I'm leaning towards the splitter.
    for my laptop, I got a DVI to USB adapter. Perfect for office work.

    Only issue is when I get home my notebook gets a bit confused over different monitors, different resolutions.

    Major productivity booster for someone who easily has 40+ windows at once, including several huge ppt, xls and outlook files large enough to put a lunar lander on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rushski View Post
    At work I have a 24" (widescreen) and 20' (4x3 ratio). Very handy for drawing on the bigger screen and having my reference material on the smaller screen. Very handy and does make us more efficient.

    Though it does take up valuable desk real estate.
    I have a 28" in wide screen set up on a fancy monitor arm that I use for drawing (architecture) and I use my laptop screen for email & reference material. I sometime also drag over some of the many properties dialog boxes in the drafting software (the stay open all the time) to my laptop monitor freeing up more realestate on the big screen for drawing.

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    I use a 15.6" laptop and never bother with an external monitor. I have an HDMI cable so I can dump it to my 50" plasma if I feel so compelled but that's usually more of a substitute for a projector when I want to show somebody something on my machine.

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    I use the big screen for surfing AZ, and the other screen for everything else...

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    Lap top connected to a monitor. Great having two screens. I usually have email on my lap top and internet on the big screen. Its the only way to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bvibert View Post
    I use the big screen for surfing AZ, and the other screen for everything else...

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    I find it very productive;

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