The Owl- Baxter State Park 8.28.13


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    The Owl- Baxter State Park 8.28.13

    The Owl is one of those peaks I've been meaning to hit in Baxter for a while and today was the day. It was a toss up between South Turner and The Owl but a full Roaring Brook lot made the decision.

    The Owl is a great peak. It is has some of the nicest views in the park away from Katahdin/Hamlin area. The round trip is only 6.6 and it gains about 2600 feet in 3.3 miles. The first 1.1 is on the Hunt Trail and the elevation gain is minimal there. Great views in all directions. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Baxter.

    I have a full report and lots of pics at my blog

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    Nice TR/pics of some nice areas...tomcat.

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