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    Quote Originally Posted by dlague View Post
    Every time I was on FIS it was not bumped. You are talking ME side right? Then again I only skied Sugarbush during Ride and Ski weekend late season when ME was closed. I only listed the trails that I remembered. I skied Steins on May 1st on a free day and the bumps were beautiful large corn snow bumps.
    Sugarbush used to groom FIS much more often. The past several years they rarely ever groom it. 2 or 3 years ago I think the only time they groomed it was right before the final weekend of the season! This year I can't recall seeing it on the grooming list once yet.

    Stein's mid-season sees the groomer every couple weeks or so it seems. In the spring it can be a lot of fun if it warms up enough. Sometimes it takes that trail a while to soften up. Back to your original list, Ripcord is groomed pretty regularly most of the time (usually at least twice a week). In the spring they sometimes leave it alone more and let it bump up. Organgrinder they do usually let bump up a bit (years ago it seemed this practice was reversed where OG would see the groomer often and Ripcord would be left alone more).

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    Sugarloaf has got to be one of the better bump Mtns with dedicated (for the most part) bump trails with a decent pitch in (listed in order of preference): Bubblecuffer, Winters Way, Misery Whip, Rip Saw, Skidder, Double Bitter.

    Some other favorites from places I frequent....
    Sunday River: Ruby Palace, & Caramba
    Stowe: Starr, Goat, Chin Clip

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    My favorite topic! Spend all my time at Sunday River. Besides the obvious and popular - agony (ickiest bumps), caramba, ruby palace - the Locke Mt natural trails are awesome - upper cut, Locke line, tightwire, crossbow. Looks like all of upper spruce will be bumpy this winter . There are some trails that can be great if not groomed: top gun (amazing 2-3weeks ago, flattened since), shockwave. Oh, one of my faves for lapping end of day hero bumps - 3D to Absolutely.

    And all of MRG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    Love Chin clip - not you normal straight wide bump run. it is a classic NE trail twisty with bumps and no way to escape.
    That description reminded me of Lower Antelope at Mad River Glen. Also a great trail. Never-ending moguls and no escape.
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    speak about yourself in third person = weird
    Smellytele = shitty math

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMadWorld View Post

    Madmadworld saw a few examples that folks have said like runs at Mount Ellen, Centerline/Chin Clip at Stowe, and Chute at MRG are some of Madmadworld's favorites.

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    speak about yourself in third person = weird

    Jimmy likes bumps!

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    Any natural trail!

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    Jay Peak pomo line.. blue square narrow bump run
    Powerline at Killington is similar

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    Powerline at Burke too.
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