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    I'm a Cannon freeheeler. It's a pretty good place. I'd say pitch and tree characteristics are not as good for glade and off map stuff as at some other mountains that have more open hardwoods to thin. Many glades and off map stuff at Cannon is like somebody came thru a hemlock or balsam thicket and just lopped off limbs under 8'. Not that there's anything wrong with that. And there are several that actually have great flow. But many are tight hop turn shots that don't let freeheelers take advantage of our increased running length.

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    In 300 days of skiing at Jay I only recall seeing one telemarker in the woods. That's OK, there are not a lot of them and you don't see that many people in the woods anyway. However, you don't see them under the Bonnie (CanAM, Office) or the Flyer (Exhibition). But I see them all the time under the jet. Just curious. I guess they like icy groomers.
    Wow. I would totally disagree. I have an equivalent number of days at jay and see a double digit percent of tele skiers on most decent days. The better ones will be in the trees (you've only seen 1???, ive seen literally hundreds). Jay has a loyal telemark clientele and they are out in numbers on the best skiing days. Truth is, when you telemark you get better feedback from the mountains terrain and become more aware of your edges as you relie on them more for balance. Having spent many days telemarking I can say most fixed healers should try the discipline as it will make them better alpine skiers. Don't see the sport in decline although it's growth has moderated.

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    There's some Tele skiers here today at Killington, couple of them are ripping the moguls better than many of the alpine skiers. Pretty impressive.
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