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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkshot99 View Post
    Leave the phone in the car. Enjoy the outdoors.

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    Some of us have jobs that don't allow that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiur View Post
    Just put a hand warmer in your pocket with the phone.

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    Get a pair of earbuds with an inline microphone. You can press and hold the inline switch, or say "OK Google", and the tell Google to call, or text, whomever you want from your contacts. The voice recognition is kinda hit and miss for composing texts, for me with Google, but it will read incoming texts flawlessly. Sometimes what it thinks you said is funny, but it can be frustrating. It's supposed to get better at recognizing your voice the more you use it.

    Bluetooth speakers in your helmet would be even better. I looked for the Beats for the POC Fornix I bought this off season, but couldn't find any in stock at the time. I now have 3 pair of mic'd buds, JVC, Pansonic, and these The Aukeys should be good for skiing, they're over the ear, and are pretty flush with your ear when inserted, no big barrels sticking out. You can also pause and skip tracks while listening to music. I hated groping for the tiny buttons on my phone through my pants.

    My new shell has a media pocket under the storm flap, so when I do need to access my phone, I won't have to unzip my jacket. Should be a nice feature, might need a heat pack in there too on uber cold days if I want the battery to last since it won't be insulated.

    I use the Panasonic's at work, they allow me to make calls, and at least read texts, and keep my phone in my pocket. Probably a good thing since our new owners have placed cameras almost everywhere but the bathrooms. Gotta love it. Me, and another big, white, bald guy, hit our chests and give each other the Nazi salute whenever we pass each other, just to fuck with their heads, with our skin heads.

    Was just playing around with OK Google, I linked Spotify, now I can just ask for artists/songs, pretty cool. You can turn the media volume up and down using voice commands too, it does it incrementally. You can also mute, and go to max volume by saying "max volume", I like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkshot99 View Post
    Leave the phone in the car. Enjoy the outdoors.

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    Couldn’t agree more. On lift w someone yapping on phone - not much worse. I’m sure those folks enjoy when they’re fine dining .

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    I’ve seen my phone take a battery life hit while skiing, especially on very cold days. When I’m taking a break in the lodge the battery seems to recover as it warms up. Of course, if you’re a bad ass who eschews the lodge, staying out all day can make it tough.

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    My iPhone4 was garbage in the cold. I'd pull it out of my pocket, it'd say 80% battery, I would start to use it and all of a sudden it'd shut off and wouldn't turn back on until I plugged it in. Once it rebooted it'd come back with like 60% battery.

    I got a Galaxy A5 a few years ago and never had any battery problems in the cold since.

    I've had good luck keeping it in a pocket close to my body so it doesn't get too cold (I did the same with the iPhone)

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    Quote Originally Posted by VTKilarney View Post
    Some of us have jobs that don't allow that.
    I have my phone on me 99% of the time. But I don't take it out on the lift every run to check texts, or FB, or whatever. Part of skiing is enjoying the outdoors. I hate skiing with people who need to use their phone every run(then again I feel the same way about phone use in everyday life as well.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ironhippy View Post
    I got a Galaxy A5 a few years ago and never had any battery problems in the cold since.

    In fact, after suffering it's 3,482,082 drop, my Galaxy S5 finally busted last weekend. I'll be replacing it for about $125 rather than purchasing a more modern cell phone with a backwards-stepping internal battery.
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    I had battery issues in the cold with my iPhone 5 a few years back. I replaced the battery, no more problems. Batteries do some odd things whey they get old. I just had the batteries replaced on our iPhones since they are now over two years old (iPhone 6).

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    Quote Originally Posted by skifree View Post
    ++1, works great. I use a toe warmer and stick it to the back of the phone.

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