Times you've skied in sketch conditions


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    Times you've skied in sketch conditions

    I started writing this up in the lessons and pointers thread but I think this falls under a separate category.

    Last season, I had my Soul 7's at Sugarbush on March 5th. I forgot how liberal of the trail opening policy Sugarbush has.... I went on the run directly underneath the north ridge expressway. Straight up ice moguls that I was unable to dig an edge into. I grew up skiing the east coast so I am no stranger to hardpack, but this was incredibly difficult.

    I'd like to think to myself that there was probably good reason there didn't appear to be any recent tracks. And also that it was a good thing the lift wasn't spinning since I was directly under the lift line.

    I purchased some Armada Tracer 98's (180 length) and finally have some boots that fit right (27.5 vs the 29.5's I've been rocking the last 4 years). I am curious to see if this combo would handle better on the super hardpack.

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    Back around 1970 my brother and I went to Sugarloaf after a major ice storm. There were no internet condition updates in those days and we were hoping that Sugarloaf had got snow. Nope. When we got there the entire mountain was closed! They told us Saddleback had managed to open two trails, so we went on over there. There were two blue runs alongside the Cupsuptic T-bar which they had gone over with a "powder-maker", in other words, converted glare ice to ice cubes. It was like skiing on sharp ball bearings. We took two runs and quit, intimidated by the thought of what might happen if we fell.

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    Ski team @ Berkshire East in the 90's. Nuff said.

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    Way too many times and places. They all blend in together. Ice, rain, -30, wind strong enough to lift you off the ground, so foggy that you can't tell what is up and what is down.
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    Ovation at Killington after any freeze-thaw is pretty gnarly. You fall, you slide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    Way too many times and places. They all blend in together. Ice, rain, -30, wind strong enough to lift you off the ground, so foggy that you can't tell what is up and what is down.
    What Tele said. Born and raised northeast skier. Too many times to single out any 1 day. That which doesn't kill you only serves to make you stronger. . .

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    Mt. Trembant a few years ago.....

    Dynamite trail - open.....half way down you get to the steepest headwall. There was a sign that read "This trail not recommended for skiing"......huh? There is no bail out at this point in the trail....very odd place, and very odd phrase to find half way down the trail! Maybe it was a translation thing.....

    Anyway, it wasn't terrible. Just steep as hell with very little coverage.

    Same trip, next morning, expected to wake up to snow. But it turned to frozen rain instead. Whole mountain was glazed over, think crust....get tot the top of the mountain, and head over to some trail or the other....I forget which. Ski patrol stopped us and kind of quizzed us about our ability before letting us down the steeper trails. It was by far the craziest glaze I ever skied.

    It was thick enough to support you if you just glided on the top, but utterly un-edgable! You have to kind of jump and crack through the glaze, then your ankles were ice breakers, and again, you couldn't turn!

    Awful. Exhausting. A bit terrifying when you were skimming over the top, building speed, wondering if you could break through and turn.....

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    Sunshine Bowl at Vail..had to walk out of it, sideways. Pure death coral. Or any day after a rain freeze on Clairs at Hunter..or better yet, 44.
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    Killington mid 70's, don't remember the trail but one steep section was the kind of solid boiler plate ice you don't really see anymore. It was also wall to wall with nary a scrap of edgeble anything anywhere. The only one of our group who made it down without a fall/slide for life maneuver was the best skier of our group and he was smart enough to take his skis off and walk around through the woods.

    Kicking Horse, was there during a pineapple express and skied a couple feet of fresh, super thick glop up on top. Tiring but not dangerous. Made the mistake of skiing to bottom instead of downloading via gondola and had a thick breakable crust to pick our way carefully down for many, many vertical feet. Not fun.

    I never ski directly after a rain/freeze cycle. Have driven home from VT more than once without skiing.
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