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    I am the same size as you.I got 187 Brahmas last year.I pretty much ski fast GS and being on the 187 gives me a lot of confidence at speed as they are pretty stable/stiff for a mid fat ski.They ski very well on hard surfaces which is pretty comman at my home mt Cannon.Not a lot of flex for real soft snow though.FWIW BTW,I really like them.
    I am 280+ 6', and have owned the Volkl Kendo(3x), Blizzard Brahma(3x), and now Stockli Stormrider 88. I have owned all of them in the 177, or 180 sizes depending on model. I have skied the Kendo and Brahma in the next sizes up and not been very happy. I am a high speed groomer skier and have had no issues with these sizes. Way more enjoyable to me than the longer sizes.
    My beer league race skis have usually been 180ish GS cheaters, and currently 175 Atomic X9. A stiff ski will be stable no need to go long and not turn as well.

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    UPDATE.... big thank you to everyone who took the time to reply. Today I hit the mountain with my “ suicide planks” as my buddies are referring to them. I am happy to say this ski is exactly what I was hoping for!! After feeling them out for a run short blue it was like I was born on them. We were lucky enough to see ski patrol open of a black that was blown whales top to bottom. What a treat! I skied so well today one my the guys who was against me running the kendo will be demoing a pair tomorrow. Stability, power and response! The kendo is something that will help me grow for years to come. Very happy with my purchase

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