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    2007-07-21 Hale

    This was our first hiking outing of the season. Our last hike was in winter, into Baxter State park. Part of the reason for all the time off was the bugs. But I was also recovering from Memorial Day surgery. (They corrected a cogenital defect of my ureter with the scope, so it wasn't too bad, it's just that the stint they left in me kept me from bending over for 5 weeks, when they took it out.) I am now 8 weeks ( and 5 weeks of inactivity)removed from surgery and attmepting, for my first hike, one of New Hampshire's 4000 footers.

    Okay, so took on a wimpier one of the 48/4k's. But wow, what an eye opener. Our feet were like lead. What a trudge up this hill. There was a fleeting moment when I thought, "Who am I kidding, this is too soon after surgery". But I soon came to my senses and said, "I am doing this. I have a roast beef sandwich that deserves to be eaten on top of this hill!" So the trudge continued. We passed a few waterfalls, and were accompanied by the sound of cascading water for most of this hike. Our dog, Suzy, would often wander into the stream to cool off and drink. My wife, skiier 75, was also trudging up the mountain, struggling as much as I was. (We do so many things together, when I convalesce (sp), she shares the couch with me).

    "The book" said this was a 2 hour 20 minute hike. Typically, when I am in hiking shape, I can match "the book" with a full pack. Today, we have only our camelbak, with rain gear, firrst aid kit, water and food. At the beginning, I would be happy to match "the book". As the drudgery wore on, we figured we stood no chance of matching the book, and were passed by more people than normal. We rationalized that we would now be happy to make it to the top. Suddenly, at 1:50, we are at the top, and all the folks who passed us were there resting and chatting.

    We joined in the conversation, ate that roast beef sandwich, and took some pics. What a huge upper that was. I am not in quite as bad a shape as I figured. (Not as good as I want, but not so bad....) What a great bunch of folks on top. Mark Howe, who passed us, was still there, and we chatted a bit. He was on top of the cairn, which was the only way to see any of the surrounding peaks, as the trees have been slowly eroding the view from the top. Most of us on top take a turn on top, and as the clouds come and go, you can view Field, Willey and Tom, as well as Carrigain. Also you could see the Twins, Though the clouds never quite cleared enough for me to see them.

    There are two dogs at the peak, both are fairly good trail dogs. Not barking, not over exuberant, not territorial. They were both attracted to my roast beef sandwich, though. One fellow said he so wanted to get a trail dog. He liked the example of these two dogs. I suggested that if he did, training was the most important thing. He asked if a lab was a good choice. I replied a trained lab is a very good choice.

    Soon every one decides it is time to move on, and we all head out. We are the only ones heading back down. Reality is that this is my first post surgery hike, and enough is enough. On the way down, we meet another dozen or so heading up. I call Suzy to the side when passing anyone and keep her at bay. Some pet her, some walk by. One fellow hollers up, is your dog friendly? I have already pulled her off the trail and holler down, yes! I am not certain what he was thinking at the time, but he then lets go of his dog, who charges up the hill and runs right through us, growling at my dog. Fortunately, that was all there was to it, and we somehow separated the two of them. He rushes up and gets his dog and moves up hill. I was flabbergasted. I didn't say much, but just got going downhill. Next time someone asks me that, I think I'll reply, yes, and she is restrained, is your dog also?

    On the way down, we actually made a little better time, 1:40. Unusual for us to get down faster than we got up. My left knee is a little sore, and her quads have had a workout. But we did it!!! Our 9th 4000 footer.
    lovin life,


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    On Sunday, we break camp. We have been staying at the Crawford Notch Campground. What a nice campground, right on the river. It is a car camping place. Sites are spread out well. Most places would put 2 or 3 sites between the current sites. It is quiet, clean and well maintained. I find the owner and compliment him on the job they are doing. He says every weekend, some come in to party hearty, and he has to deal with them. I assure him that we will be back.

    Our daughter and son in law want to take us on a hike on the rail bed from the train station to the Williard house location, right on the edge of the tracks. We hike in, perhaps a mile....perhaps. Nice and flat works well for us after yesterday. This was way more scenic than our hike up Hale. I play the obnoxious tourist with my camera. This is just beautiful!!!!! We get to the site of the home, and there is a memorial there. The foundation and basement piping and boiler are still there. We cross the trestle and take in the view. The views of the flumes and rock slides are something else.

    Soon, too soon, we head back. Back to the car, back to home, back to the routine.....

    Gotta get some of the pics posted. Gonna work on that.
    lovin life,


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    Hey Uphill!

    Nice meeting you up on the trail to hale and then on top. That was a great day for jsut chilling on the summit. I made it to South Hale easily. Actually, this was one of the easiest 'Whacks I've done, and possibly most beautiful. Open forests with moss floor -- dont seem them like that often!

    My Camera is dying so most of my summit shots did not come out But at least I figured out the problem by the time I hit south hale!


    Sorry no TR --- YET

    PS. I added about 18" to the Cairn half of that was on the way to South hale, half on the way back. It did help the views a bit Hopefully those rocks don't crumble too soon!

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    Glad to see you are up and about and in the mountains again!
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    I gotta tell you, it feels great to be back in them thar hills. We think we'll try Whiteface and passaconaway in a couple weeks for an over nighter. Wonder who we'll bump into this time!
    lovin life,


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    Nice trip report!

    Glad you're both up and about again!

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    Yep, we had a great time! It was good to meet other people too. Man do I ever need to do more hiking! Unfortunately, my quads are still sore from the hike! Need to stretch and do more hiking and less house work! Was hoping my daughter was going to join us, but couldn't, so Sunday we did something easy with her and her husband. Great weekend, hard to go home.....

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    Marc, what is the deal with the canister at the mountain you bushwacked to? A log book, I'm guessing?
    lovin life,


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    yes, pretty much every NH100 peak has a canister or a jar like that (except peaks in wilderness areas cause rangers take them down),

    Registers like that are handy cause:
    a) you know where the summit is (usually, sometimes they aren't on the true summit, or there are more than one)
    b) there is a record of who has been to the peak

    There were 3 entries from the last month or so in the canister. Lots of VFTTers. the NHHH peakbagging community is semi-tight knit in that we have pretty much all seen each others registry entries and frequently see familiar names in the registers.

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    Thanx Marc, Interesting.

    Gonna try to post a pic now......
    lovin life,


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