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    lovin life,


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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcHowes View Post
    yes, pretty much every NH100 peak has a canister or a jar like that (except peaks in wilderness areas cause rangers take them down),
    It was only in the Dacks that this was an issue, and that was the State DOC. I haven't seen this happen in the Whites.

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    I've never paid any attention to canisters. Trail registers have been fun - but I've never looked for registers.
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    If you are bushwacking to 100 Highest or 3000'ers, it's often the best way to know that you've found it, or at least that you've found what other people thought was the summit. But the entries are great to read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Metsky View Post
    It was only in the Dacks that this was an issue, and that was the State DOC. I haven't seen this happen in the Whites.
    When I did Lowell/Anderson the canisters had been removed. Evidence of the former canisters could be found on the trees. the consensus of opinion was that the canisters had been removed by the forest service due to the wilderness designation. Other possibilities? sure, but rangers removing the canisters would not surprise many I think.

    This isn't the first canister Ive found missing (south weeks was gone too) I'd believe vandals in the case of S Weeks tho since its on a trail. Lowell and Anderson on the other hand aren't exactly hikes for your average Joey

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    That's the first I'd heard of that. Has the FS confirmed this? If so, I think it's a mistake but I thought it was a mistake in the Daks as well. You are correct, if they were doing this it wouldn't be a complete surprise.


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    No confirmation. According to this post on VFTT:


    According to the post Lowell/Anderson had one as of October '06, but they were gone by December. Then there is a little back and forth with regard to "did the forest service take them down or not?" no answers though.

    I can say with authority tho after April 07 there was a canister on both Lowell and Anderson tho Dunno if they are still there or not...

    PS sorry for the hijack!
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