Quick question about Cannon Mtn.


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    Quick question about Cannon Mtn.

    I have tomorrow free to go skiing anywhere I can drive to. I live in Southern NH. This is my first year skiing, I've been about 10 times. Recently started carving my turns and really liking it. I ski at Crotched almost exclusively, all the blues in all conditions. My question is this -- can I safely handle some of the blues at Cannon? If I ride the Peabody express, is there a reasonably do-able route or two down from there for an "emerging intermediate" skier.

    I've always driven by Cannon and said to myself "someday I'd like to ski there". Is it too soon? Will I be scared silly? The alternative destination is Sunapee, but I would like to try one of the big ones up north and Cannon is cheap. Plus, I'm going to Bretton Woods on Friday. Thanks.

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    There are several nice blue cruisers from the Peabody quad. You'd enjoy the trails, atmosphere and scenery. Go for it.
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    I second that. The trail right under the Peabody lift is nice for a start.

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    I've never skied at Cannon but I've been to Sunapee a few times...based on what I saw driving by Cannon, though, I'd suggest you go there only if you are somewhat comfortable going down the blacks at Crotched.

    I actually think Sunapee would be a better choice for a lower intermediate...plus, the views of Lake Sunapee are really nice.

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    cannon has plenty to offer the intermediate skier. cannon's blues are definitely a step up from crotched's blues in the steepness catagory. the main routes likely get skied off more quickly too, but i doubt you'll have much to worry about mid-week. tuesday is a twofer day, so you'll get a lot of bang for your buck.

    i would recommend a few things: middle cannon (right under the peabody quad) is best skied in the AM as are the links. even mid-week, these trails get scraped down pretty bad throughout the day. the trails off the zoomer triple (gary's and zoomer) are good to hit first thing in the AM as the sun hits the front face first. you may have a hard time getting to the tram if you can't ski zoomer or avalanche (pretty steep), so i recommend using the peabody base lodge instead of the tram for your base lodge uses. be sure to pick up plenty of speed on the cut back when heading towards the tram because the cut back flattens out after paulie's. upper cannon is best early. tramway and upper ravine off the summit should be up your alley too.

    tuckerbrook quad could be a nice place for some relaxing runs. some of those runs are rated blue square but are downright tame compared to stuff on the main mountain. enjoy!
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    I think the caution you're already showing in asking about it in order to make the safest decision is a good start, and reason enough to say 'yeah, check it out!'.

    In addition to, as someone else already stated, the great atmosphere and pace of life that is different there from the big money resorts, it is a place that will deffinately challenge your growing skills in a way that will improve them and your confidence in yourself as a skier.

    When I moved to New England I was barely an advanced intermediate Mid-west skier. I skiid my entire first winter out here at Cannon as it was the most affordable place within 2 hours from Boston with good vertical. Though I new NE was going to be icy, I didn't really think about the fact that not everywhere had as much adverse weather (wind) as Cannon, and just grew accustomed to the icy-ness and challenge that the terrain and weather created. It was always, and still is, a blast to be there and I feel well on my way to becoming a very well rounded NE skier as a result of my turns (and bruises!) from Cannon.

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    Cannon is not for the timid

    I reccommend using the Eagle Cliff chair and do the greens off of that, if you still feel pretty good, then go Peabody chair and try the blues- they are soooo much longer and steeper than what you are used to at Crotched. Ski in control and you'll be fine.

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    Thanks everyone, but alas, my 3 year old just got back from the doctor's office where we found out she probably has strep. Doc said to keep her away from other kids for 24 hours. That means she will not be going to preschool tomorrow and dad will not be going to Cannon.

    My wife is taking Fri. off and we were going to try Wildcat, but we got free lift tickets to Bretton woods when we bought skis last weekend. Been told Bretton Woods is a great beginner mountain.

    Based on what most of you have said, I'll try to get up to Cannon this season and give it a try. Thanks.

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    Bretton Woods is def. a good family mountain (we went there because we got free tickets when we bought new skis). Their grooming is the best that I've seen, and they do a great job of providing nice cruiser trails.

    Hope your daughter's strep throat clears up soon.

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    If you do go tomorrow, check the weather first. Was at Gunstock today and it was very windy and very cold. Supposed to be the same for tomorrow.
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