My TiVo had recorded a disabled skiers race event and I was blown away by the skiing! This wasn't any slow, careful racing, but full tilt go as fast as I can skiing! Most impressive was 16 yr old Tyler Walker from Franconia, NH. This kid can ski and do some park type tricks! Incredible! Maybe Bode Miller will give him some coaching? Another standout was Kevin Bramble from Truckee, CA. This guy can ski stuff I only dream about and he uses a monoboard. They had some clips of him doing 20' cliffs out at Squaw Valley. Just amazing what some people can do. Bramble had broken his back while snowboarding, so now he skis, and designs and makes monoboards. These atheletes do not get the coverage they deserve. At all. Too bad because they are gifted. I came away from the show truly humbled by their skiing. I have much room for improvement.