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    In that pic the little yellow mole thing isn't even scared. He's fearless. Looks kinda like he's not intiminated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowRider
    In that pic the little yellow mole thing isn't even scared. He's fearless. Looks kinda like he's not intiminated.

    Making sanity obsolete since 1982...

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    I would add a GPS/GPX exchange section to the hikers section, i think that would bring in alot of traffic, and generate fodder. Alot of people are using GPS now, whether it's for geocaching,hiking or Mtn Biking,etc. I think hiking reports are great and i like reading them, but GPS breadcrumb trail would really add something visually, give people a point of reference, and would provide useful info that people can load up to their gps units and use in the field.
    Alpinezone members, could than take the shared GPX info, run the route themselves and then report back on the same hike thread about the route, comment on it, add a photo,etc.

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    * Do you feel too intimidated to post here often?
    - only by my supervisor

    * Are you concerned about how a beginner level question will be received or responded to?
    - no. In general, i'm an advanced skier, but very much a begginer on the bumps.

    * Are you simply more comfortable lurking vs. posting? If so, why is that?
    - I post if I have something to contribute. I do not know anyone personally, so I will not post in the inside-talk thread.

    * Do you feel AZ members could be more friendly or welcoming?
    - AZ members are extremely welcoming

    * Do you have any ideas for getting folks like yourself to post more often?
    - maybe organize some forum game? is there such thing, i dont know...
    - beer discussions, other after-ski drinks discussions..

    * Are there any other changes you'd like to see here or do you have any other suggestions for the site in general?
    - maybe folder with daily picture (young female wearing ski only) would make forum more fun

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