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Recent content by nycskier

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    Best (or better) ski schools for toddlers to learn in PA, NY, or S.VT

    The best place to teach your kids to ski is somewhere near you. Don't drag them far. If you live in NJ or NYC take them to Big Snow and ski indoors in the Meadowlands. I can't think of a better place than that to teach little kids to ski for the 1st time. It's climate controlled, in a mall and...
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    Absolute beginner

    There are some great places for beginners to learn in CT. You don't need to travel far. Just do day trips to start. Mount Southington is a great place for beginners to learn. It's 25 minutes from Hartford and have $45 beginner area lift tickets and $40 weekday specials before 3pm. If you commit...
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    Suicide Six name change

    The old Tappan Zee Bridge was technically the The Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge but no one ever referred to it as the Malcolm Wilson bridge.
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    Suicide Six name change

    They should rename it Snowflake Mountain because clearly the owners are a bunch of snowflakes.
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    Vail said they were keeping Breck open until May 30th. Then they closed it 2 weeks earlier because of weather conditions. They promised it would be open through Memorial day weekend and then they backtracked on it.
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    Vail closing Breck last week is an absolute disgrace. They just got a ton of snow and Abasin was packed.
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    Indy Ski Pass

    The 2 Connecticut mountains I wish they would add to the the Indy Pass is Mount Southington and Powder Ridge. Both are independently owned and this would make the Indy Pass the ultimate Connecticut ski pass.
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    22/23 Passes

    $109 for the Indy Kids pass is a great deal. 2 weekend days at Mohawk and the pass is paid for. Total no brainer. The Adult is tougher. I need 6 days to come out ahead and am not sure I will get that in.
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    Ikon Pass Changes and New Resorts for 2023

    Very true. To get to SB from NY area you need to drive past Killington. Why drive an hour past a better ski resort to ski a worst one?
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    This is brilliant!
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    Any body know anything about Hunter???

    Vail sent me a customer satisfaction survey about my weekend trip to Hunter and I gave them a piece of my mind. Last weekend at Hunter was an absolute disgrace.
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    Looking for ski resorts/mountains with a lot of greens and blues

    I agree with the Butternut suggestion. It's smaller but it's blue and green heaven for beginners. Depending where you are in RI it could be close enough for a day trip and they got $35 midweek lift tickets. Okemo is also blue heaven Lots of long blue trails but expect it to busy on weekends...
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    Any body know anything about Hunter???

    What I also fault Vail for is not having E lift open and spending the money to blow enough snow at the top of Hunter One (or Hunter East as they are calling it now). Having E lift open opens up the entire Hunter One for beginners and intermediate skiers. Takes pressure off of B & C lift and off...
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    Any body know anything about Hunter???

    There was.a line all the way to the ski shop. And I went up the lift with someone who told me that they said they where "sold out" but they sold her 4 tickets for her family anyways.
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    Any body know anything about Hunter???

    Today at Hunter was a disgrace. I've skied Hunter since I was a kid & have NEVER seen it as crowded as it was today (& I've been there over holiday weekends). Vail just keeps selling tickets WAY beyond the capacity of the mountain & does not give a rats ass. With #COVID you would think there...