I think the 250 on Sterling was approved, IIRC. I thought I saw that on the net sometime this past year but I may be mistaken. I haven't heard any plans to follow through even if the plan was approved.

I can see a six pack working on Sterling, there is enough terrain to spread folks around and it is more protected than Madonna. I can't see a high speed lift going to Madonna summit. Not a chance on that happening practically. And definitely not enough terrain for that type of capacity as the expert trails are closed due to conditions frequently.

What I can see happening is a HSQ replacing Madonna II and the summit lift being cut in half with a new double similar to Castlerock going from the mid-station area to the summit. So the HSQ would service blue terrain almost exclusively and the double would service black terrain and it could be lapped without having to ski back down to the base. Top to bottom die hards might cry, but I think that would be a better setup (though there are some nice low angle trees below the mid-station ).