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Thread: SNOWING @ Jay!

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    Exclamation SNOWING @ Jay!

    Jay is reporting 4-6 today and NOAA says 3-7 tonight at elevation. Tram, Bonnie and The freezer all on wind hold today. Winds looking high for tomorrow too which means those lifts will probably remained closed.

    I'm thinking with the fresh snow, winds blowing things in and nobody skiing Tram side for two days if the flyer and tram open on Sunday it could be a pretty sweet day.

    Anyone else poking around up there this weekend?

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    I hope you got some yday/today! With the 10-12" reported on Sat and the snow falling today im sure you got fresh freshies this wknd. Let us know how you did!!

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    Yesterday was incredible. Untracked turns right until I left at 3pm. Total sleeper day, no one was there.
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    I'm headed over tomorrow. Anyone else going to be there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by from_the_NEK View Post
    I'm headed over tomorrow. Anyone else going to be there?
    Not there Monday but I will be there Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. NEK, let me know if you'll be there and I'll send a pm with contact info. Failing that, look for greybeard with bright red jacket, grey pants and "use your head" stickers on helmet.
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    Sunday was awesome. No lift lines and I was finding untracked snow all day long! I think it probably snowed another 3-4 inches while I was there too.

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    What a great snow year its been so far, and it's only January 7th!

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