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    Night session at Gunstock later on.

    Wildcat 11/10

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    Cannon 12/29 and then who knows Friday if any lifts turn.
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    Breck on Friday - cross fingers!

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    Leaving in a little for a some twilight turns at crotched again

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    Magic and Berkie this weekend.
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    Went to Loon yesterday, have Max Pass and wanted to burn a day there. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was busy and I never once rode the gondola but it was no more than a 5-10 min wait a couple of times at the 7 bros triple or the Kanc. The South peak lift was ski on and north peak and eastside were too. It was icy & I wasn't that into the skiing for a good chunk of the day. But I finally found a thin line on Walking Boss between where the edge of the grooming was and the untouched stuff that had a somewhat ski-able mogul line. Nothing great but it was a heck of a lot better than skiing more icy groomers. South Peak was better for conditions, Rip Saw had mostly edge-able stuff other than the icy section below the headwall (but that part is always icy) a couple of fast downhill runs on that felt good.

    I didn't have high expectations as this was my family's 1st time out this year and I was looking at it as a "shake out" kind of day. But the kids enjoyed it and I got just enough "decent" runs that it worked out OK. I parked 3 cars away from the Pemigewasset base lodge at South Peak at 9AM on a "busy" week. Not sure how busy the lots were at the main base, but South Peak base was a breeze.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoseek View Post
    Leaving in a little for a some twilight turns at crotched again
    Going to be an interesting evening there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edd View Post
    Going to be an interesting evening there.
    Any Crotched regulars have any insight on whether the Rocket is likely to spin tomorrow, i.e. wind issues?

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    15-20 mph shouldn't be much of problem. What do you think Joshua?

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    We xc skied kingdom trails this morning then skied Burke in the storm 2-4pm. Staying at the new hotel tomorrow will be good!
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