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    Video Pico - Feb/March - Redemption

    We are not sure if this really qualifies as a trip report, regardless we really hope you get to take a look at our latest works. Alicia, the kids and I have upped our game this year for production quality, story (shortening it a bit) and tempo. This is a super hobby for us, we make no money at this and we try our best to find people on the mountain - as we are skiing to be in our stories. I can't tell you how many friends we have made along the way. We have been at this for about 8 seasons - though really making a big push the last 3 to make better videos for you...

    Please - we love your feedback. It's all we ask for. And if you don't like it - feel free to tell us as well. It makes us rethink our stories and what might be that magical viral edit.

    Our latest - REDEMPTION which captures the harsh reality of a nearly early season ending to some of the magic that just happened.

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    Nice work! So true....the season really bounced back in a good way.

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    Awesome vid! Really gets across the fun that is to be had skiing with your kids! I also loved seeing and remembering that Outspost lift at Pico....really seems like it's held together with plywood gussetts and zip-ties

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    Thanks guys.. Sorry to be seeing these post so late.

    Check out some of our off-season stuff...

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    Very well done, I subscribed to your channel.

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