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Snowbasin Abandons Partnership with Club Med


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Jun 4, 2004
NEK by Birth
Some background: late in 2021, Snowbasin, that lacks any lodging or significant base area development, announced a joint venture with Club Med to develop a new hotel, a few restaurants, and other amenities to be branded as a Club Med property. The development was set to start this summer in the former base lodge area that is used by locals.

Snowbasin also announced other phases of development in the base area, including adding at least one high speed quad further down to what is now a lower base parking area.

Today, Snowbasin announced to its passholders that it and Club Med are abandoning the project. Snowbasin states that it has been a great season in terms of visitation and snow and reminds folks of the new 6-Person lift going in this summer.

Dear valued Pass Holder:

What an incredible ski season we’ve had together! And it isn’t over yet. We recently announced the extension of our season through Sunday, April 23. Add these days to the earliest opening on record, and Snowbasin will enjoy the longest winter season in the resort’s history. Pass holders are visiting in record numbers, and we could not be more excited. Thank you for choosing Snowbasin as your home mountain.

We want to take a moment and update you on our previously announced Snowbasin development plan. In the fall of 2021, Snowbasin and Club Med revealed their intention to construct an all-inclusive Club Med hotel at the base of Snowbasin. After extensive discussions, our two companies have decided not to pursue this project further.

In recent years, we have seen increasing demand at Snowbasin, fueled by the growing Utah tourism market and our continued significant investment in the resort. As we navigate this period of growth, we felt it right to reassess the path ahead, enabling us to focus on our central goal of providing a world-class ski experience to each of you.

Earlier this season, we announced the addition of the new DeMoisy Express, a six-person high-speed lift set to open later this year. This new lift will enhance the skier experience and provide additional lift capacity in the Strawberry area of the mountain. Our unyielding emphasis on guest service and satisfaction has led to Snowbasin being recognized as one of the top ski resorts in the United States.

We are proud of our independent spirit and commitment to operating a best-in-class mountain resort. We are surrounded by an exceptional team, and I want to publicly thank them for their dedication and tireless efforts in making Snowbasin a pillar within our community and industry. They are indispensable to our success.

We similarly want to thank you. We are beyond grateful for your loyalty, support, and encouragement. Our mission is to serve you, and we are proud to do it. Season passes for the 2023-24 season are already on sale. Rest assured that we will be working relentlessly to make next season as memorable as this record-setting one. Until then, let’s close out the 2022-23 season with a bang!

Davy Ratchford

General Manager

Snowbasin Resort

It will be interesting to see what happens.


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Mar 1, 2013
club med has a thing going at le massif

my family were big club med vacationers in the early 90s. never to a winter property tho. i think they owned copper then.

I've only skied Snowbasin two days ever, this feb, on storm days with bad vis. that lift that goes 3/4 up strawberry will be a gamechanger. i still have no fucking clue what the top of strawberry looks like. i just know i skied some fairly steep lines with no eyes. basically i would locate someone who looked like they knew the terrain and follow and hope to not lose them into the abyss. eventually i figured out that it was easier to get off the gondola and go to the right instead of the left, towards strawberry fields and the gated terrain. over there at least there are a few trees and the gate ropeline to follow.

i really like how the place is bursting with beatles and rock and roll references. i especially like how pigpen and janis are next to each other.