Partial Removal of heavy ski wax layer


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    Partial Removal of heavy ski wax layer

    Hi All,

    Last Spring, I put a heavy coating of ski wax on for Summer/Autumn storage.
    I'd like NOT to have to scrape it all off and apply a fresh lighter coat.
    I'd like to try heating the storage coat so it's easily removed with a scraper, only leaving a light coat to scrub and buff, and be good to go.

    Is this okay to do?
    I don't want to damage the base by scraping and scrubbing on a layer of wax that's too thin.

    Thanks for your guidance.

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    use a plexi scraper and do not heat it up. i wouldnt worry about the amount of wax it will all wear off rather quickly
    I tend to just clean the edges and be done with it

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    Scrape or ski it off. One run and it will mostly be gone.

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    Agreed with what is said. Scrape and ski it off.
    Live, Ski, or Die!

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    And there it is.
    Thanks for the guidance!
    I'll commit to the heavy scrape and ski-off the remainder.
    Kind regards.

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