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    Road to Provo, Snowbird, UT

    Black Forest, Keystone, CO

    Copper, CO

    Magic, VT

    Summit Glade, Pico, VT

    Gonnif Glade, Magic, VT

    Steamboat, CO

    Snowbird, UT

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    A Basin looking towards East Wall, view from the Continental Divide top of Chair Nine at Loveland, another view from Loveland looking towards Chair Nine, looking at Lake Dillon from Keystone.20190217_104659.jpg20190202_095603.jpg20190201_112245.jpg20181223_141332.jpg

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    That storm was insane
    Quote Originally Posted by GregoryIsaacs View Post
    My favorite east coast photos were taken during the March 8, 2018 storm last year. It was pure insanity. Not often do you see Mount Snow look identical to Mount Baker

    Attachment 24637
    The North Face woods, just shows the scope of the snowfall.

    Attachment 24638

    And yes that is my friend who is 6 foot 2 standing straight up in the woods.
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    15-16 Killington 11-17-16

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    A couple shots at Burke. A true bluebird day of 30 degrees, Burke academy, and the sun poking through a snow squall

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    Cannon - Dec '18

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    15-16 Killington 11-17-16

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdskier View Post
    Since this is a "Northeast" skiing forum, I think we need more photos from the actual east in this thread!

    Attachment 24647
    Attachment 24648
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    Attachment 24650

    And one from 12 years ago that I took of my dad that I still love:
    Attachment 24651

    All from Sugarbush
    Dad pictures get tons of extra style points. You guys are killing me with this thread. I'm traveling right now or else I'd make my usual obnoxious photo blast. Here's one from yesterday at Snowbird:

    three days ago at Crested Butte:

    four days ago on the new Beavers chair at Arapahoe Basin:

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimk View Post
    Dad pictures get tons of extra style points. You guys are killing me with this thread. I'm traveling right now or else I'd make my usual obnoxious photo blast. Here's one from yesterday at Snowbird:

    three days ago at Crested Butte:

    four days ago on the new Beavers chair at Arapahoe Basin:
    Ill be out in the Beavers late next week. How are they? Any tips for the best lines?

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    Beavers tips here: https://****************************...#comment-13516
    It's a great addition to A-Basin, esp for lower visibility days. Not as steep as Pali, but steep enough Some great tree skiing with thick and thin glades. If link doesn't work go to northeastmountainsportsdotcom and look for recent thread titled Westward Ho. Have fun on your trip. Good snow right now throughout the Rockies.

    Westward Ho. I've started another long western ski trip. This time, if all goes as planned, I won't return home until grass mowing season. My wife and I drove out from the East a few days ago.

    Luvin' the Beavers at Arapahoe Basin: the first place I skied on the trip was a three hour session at Arapahoe Basin on 2/19/19. I only had a few hours before moving on and my express goal was to ski the new Beavers Lift with its 1501' vertical. I spent my entire time skiing the terrain served by this lift (about 8 or 9 runs, I'm slow) and it's a fantastic addition to the ski area. I already love A-Basin, but it's always been a tough place to visit on a cloudy, low visibility day. Which is exactly what yesterday was. But the tree lined groomers and extensive/varied glades of the Beavers is the perfect solution for that kind of day. All the terrain in the Beavers is dark blue or single to double black diamond. I did not ski the adjacent and also new Steep Gullies area because it is extreme tree skiing terrain and requires a long hike out and I'm an old guy on my first day at altitude. Here are a few pictures which I hope will convey some of the super nice tree skiing in the Beavers.

    A-Basin base lodge, it was a cloudy day with poor visibility on the wide open terrain.

    DSCN7696.thumb.jpg.0363aa62ffefbb94789f91648d43e69 f.jpg

    The open bowls near the top of the ski area around the Lenawee mtn chair were pretty tough, not quite white out, but close. And not so fun to ski as a result.


    I made an immediate beeline to The Beavers terrain pod. It starts out above treeline for a few hundred vertical.

    DSCN7685.thumb.jpg.b33cff114b4f2f6c2b11b6554e00440 4.jpg

    This is the upper lift line, great snow and good skiing down this and on either side.

    DSCN7660.thumb.jpg.4abfa9b66fc4311bd361de36db9fbef 3.jpg

    There are only really two groomers back here. This is Loafer to the lookers right or skier's left of the chair line. That pitch under the chair is real steep and so is that part of the groomer where the lone skier is.

    DSCN7657.thumb.jpg.2b34fa0202e4360ea0e5f85937fafa3 3.jpg

    This is Davis to skier's right of the lift line. Both runs turn very dark blue for the last 500' of vert. You can see very friendly glades all around.

    DSCN7672.thumb.jpg.7120c8992ed7adecaf76ce48c1c62fe 8.jpg

    Moi above a very aptly named glade. There is a lot of nicely spaced tree skiing and fair amount of it is only single black pitch.

    DSCN7678.thumb.jpg.e92b726ea16d722058d58de09fe2d36 2.jpg

    This glade to the right and lower on the hill is steeper and is called Baily BrosDSCN7684.thumb.jpg.cc5a372530362f79c4e376fb8ad f6c44.jpg

    Bailey Bros again. Real pretty back here.

    DSCN7689.thumb.jpg.b7927267150b2d7343904bd42c75219 e.jpg
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