If you could be skiing anywhere in the world today, where would you ski.


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    If you could be skiing anywhere in the world today, where would you ski.

    For me-I think Zermatt, Switzerland. One of the best ski trips I ever had. Will never forget Riding lifts up by the Matterhorn and then skiing down into Cervinia, Italy for lunch.

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    Right where I want to be
    Any where would be good enough for me. Beggars can’t be choosers!

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    I would be skiing t-bar-serviced spring hero bumps at my private resort somewhere in the vicinity of Oakland, NJ. Or maybe at Xanadu.

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    We had planned on a long weekend to Jay this weekend. Our friends bought a place there and were going to check it out.
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    I'm supposed to be in Cali right now. Was hoping for some late snow so that I could pick up Mt Waterman. It's small but I'll go with that.

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    Supposed to be leaving for CO tomorrow. The plan was to checkout places on the Freedom Pass, Purgatory, Sunlight, Hesperus, and Cooper. It really sucked losing two and a half months of skiing. The season was less than memorable prior to the shut down.

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    Anywhere!!!! Should have just got back from Stowe.


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    British Columbia, backcountry skiing.

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    I'm supposed to be towards the end of a 9-day trip skiing mostly Smuggler's Notch & Jay Peak. Dont know how the conditions would have been, probably spring'ish.
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    was thinking about jackson

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