What are you eating for lunch today???


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    What are you eating for lunch today???

    What are you eating for lunch today???

    Me: Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mustard on an everything bagel..chips..diet snapple peach iced tea....

    I always surf the net when I eat lunch at work..do you????

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    whatever I feel like.......

    I don't plan frivolous stuff like that ahead of time....

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    I rocked the PB&J today, along with some carrots and crackers. Lunch time is about the only time I don't surf while at work. When it's nice I go for a walk in the park next door, otherwise I hang around with some work buddies in the cafeteria here.

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    Leftover grilled pork chop, mashed potatoes and steamed beans/carrots. We usually make extra servings of our dinners for lunch the next day.
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    PB&J with a nice big glass of milk and some cantalope

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    Quote Originally Posted by llamborghinii View Post
    whatever I feel like.......

    I don't plan frivolous stuff like that ahead of time....
    Oh yeah you're west coast so it's not even lunch yet for you...shit I always plan frivolous stuff ahead of time..I look forward to lunch..The delivery driver at my work never eats breakfast or lunch and he's 250 pounds..starving all day and than eating a big dinner really screws with his metabolism..

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    The old Grilled Steeze Sandwich ate alot of Pizza, Taco Bell, and Arbys for lunch..but now I'm trying to be healthier to drop a few pounds for ski season..

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    Tuna on rye with lettuce and onions and a bag of chips. We have a cafeteria in our office and get $8 a day Mon - Thurs for lunch. With a brick oven pizza station and a grill I was able to pork up nicely. These days its back to the salad and sandwich station.
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    Shit. I knew I fogot to do something today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctenidae View Post
    Shit. I knew I fogot to do something today.
    ct...it's probably cause your bothered my the market Get yourself some DOG to protect your backside and your appetite and memory will return.

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