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    i'll second N.D.'s recommendation of Forest and Crag... not just for a peakbagging history either! it's probably the most complete single resource for a comprehensive history of hiking in the northeast. unfortunately, it is rather expensive, but i'll bet money your local library may have a copy (mine did!).

    i'm actually just finishing it up right now! maybe i should type less and read more, lol! :P definately a great read for history buffs though, which i'm quickly becoming.
    -Steve "Skiing is not a sport, it is a way of life." - Otto Schniebs

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    NH 48 & some

    Forest & Crag rules, a great book. Looks like a pretty good indepth discussion on peakbagging. there is a great article on "Are You a Peakbagger" which was written by William E. Sheets (pen name) It listed symptoms, denial, the list, the walk & teh look, always scanning the horizon for another peak. Other signs include disappearing every weekend, high mileage on the 4WD & that we prefer trail mix & water from an old water bootle over a 4 star meal.

    As far as how many I've done. I've done the NE 65 (finished under the old rules & did Spaulding any way but Redington remains) I've dozen 40 in NH at least twice in different seasons (Lincoln 10X) a few in all four seasons, about 20 in winter & about 16 in three seasons.

    I've been to 18 of the ADK 4K's (Marcy 3X) but only one without a trail (Macomb) with an upcoming trip to Skylight & Gray this summer planned. I have about 12 of the Catskill 3500 done with multiple trips to the highest 4 there. Winter & another season. Also have been to Mitchell & Craig in NC the two highest peaks east of the Mississippi & Zugspitze, the highest point in Germany. Hoping to get out west in 2003 & 2004.

    Off the list, I'm becoming more interested in non-4K's with great views like Monadnock, some of the South Taconic's Welch Dickey, Ascutney, Mt. Pemi, Martha, Shelbourne Moriah, Baldfaces, Royces, etc....

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    Oddly enough, my count is 17 also and I had to look through the list to get my total as well. I've got mixed feelings about doing the list. I have never picked a hike so that I could tick off another 4,000 footer.... but I might one day.

    Last month, I did a solo hike in the Sandwich range. There was something pleasing about reaching the peak of Mt. Sandwich (3993 ft.). In some sense, it meant the hike was off the books even though it was only 10 feet shorter than Mount Tecumseh, which is one of the 4,000 footers I've hiked.

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    Funny, I picked up again after having 17 since 1975

    I've been up all of the Northern Presis many times, having grown up in Berlin, NH. I first saw the list when I got my 1972 AMC guide as a gift. Being in my teens, I saw little need to climb the "smaller" mountains and continued hiking near Berlin. When I did Hale, Tom, Field and Willey on a weekend trip in '75, I really thought about the list, but nothing came of it. Then in '99, I climbed Old Speck and started hatching a plan. I hiked Moriah on 7/2/00 with my daughter and friends as a warmup for Katahdin, and just started hiking. I finally finished my NH 4k list this year on 6/2 on Garfield and have 9 left (after this past weekend in VT) for my NE 67. What drives me? What I might see, just around the next bend. As I climbed each one, I was surprised at how interesting each of the different peaks was - they all have something to offer (yes, even Zealand). Without a list, I would likely have continued to enjoy the views from my favorites, and missed out on all opf the others. Which way is better? Both - it's up to the individual. When I hear people talk about their experiences, I don't feel that they are bragging, but know they want to relive the feeling that they had on each peak (that's how I am).

    All I can say is that I am thoroughly addicted, and also have started the winter list (we have a winter solstice trip already planned!). Looking over from Camel's Hump Monday, I could see the ADK's, and I smiled, "Oh no, not again...". I might never do them all, but dreams are what get you there, and what you take back once you've been - SherpaK

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    Just bagged my first one today! Mt. Moosilauke. (Though, I've done Washington several times in the past...but not with the list in mind). I recently moved back to MA, after an extended (2 year) visit to Colorado. Never did much hiking before I went out west, but now I am addicted. Unfortunately, it was extremely cloudy, rainy, and windy at the summit...but I loved the hike and will do Moosilauke again in better weather. Planning on doing Madison next weekend. Enjoy the outdoors.


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    Re: Funny, I picked up again after having 17 since 1975

    HI SherpaK .. nice to see your posts every once in awhile. I hiked
    with you on layfette a couple of winters ago.

    I'm at 33 of the NH 4000'ers. Also have a few in VT and ME.

    The reason I like the list is I very seldom go back to the same place
    more than once. Even on Vacations. I've hiked Mt. Washington 3 times
    now, but never the same trail. So the list always gives me a new hike
    each time I got to head out.
    I've also hiked 650 miles on the AT, only repeat was when I had to
    walk the trail back to my car. I love driving and dayhiking the AT.
    Not only do I get to see the trail, but I also get to drive all the back
    roads in the Appilachians(sp). Oh, and eat breakfast at a lot
    of local dinners.
    I'm now have done the 7 state High Points as well. Last fall I started
    hiking the Bay Curcuit trail around Boston, shorter drive.

    Veriety is the the spice of life, I just can't relate to the guy I met
    on the trail that climbed Mt. Washington 3 times in one day.
    happy trails .. didn't Roger and Dale somebody sing that *grin*

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    By the end of next weekend, I will have two left. Mt Carrigain and Owl's Head.

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    RJ Which one

    are you saving for last?

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    for last

    I've got somewhere around 16 under my belt right now. As for my last: it won't be Owls Head (plan to get that one out of the way this coming Winter)!
    I've never done Mt. Washington - I figured I'd save that for last so that my wife (and any other non-hiker friends/family) could join me at the top.

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    Sounds like a good choice Cornbread

    have you done Monroe & Jefferson yet? On a clear day it could be tempting to make the stroll over...

    Doing Owl's Head in winter should mean you just have to do it once to get both the 48 done & have it under your belt if you choose to do the 48 in winter too. I'm also doing the list solo as a variation & if I can get the right time & in winter, I'll do it solo so I can knock it off two of my list. (early last winter would have been good for me as almost no snow, a few inches would be good so I can follow my footprints on the Black Pond bushwhack)

    Some people actually love Owl's Head. From what I could see from Franconia Ridge, the trees appear to be slowly reclaiming the edges of the slide so the view window from the slide may be narrower than previously.

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