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    Video Sundown 11/30

    Date(s) Skied: 11/30/08

    Resort or Ski Area: Sundown

    Conditions: Wet Granular

    Trip Report:

    caught up with Grassi, Powhunter, Greg, Gmcunni and 03Jeff this morning. Some various forms of percip were falling most of the time i was there. Bumps are absolutely excellent. good work cutting those in. Lower 2/3rds of temptor has about as close to a zipperline as you can ask for. Great crew to ski with, although i only managed a few hours. still had a blast though. Grassi has made absolutely incredible progress already this year. keep up the good work man, its cool to see the progression. Greg, Gary and Steve did their usual ripping. Nice to ski with you Gary. Jeff, we'll get you in those bumps if its the last thing i do.

    took a bunch of video today, probably repetitive but i for one want to see every last damn second of it GREG!!! lol, good skiing with you again bud.

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    I really wanted to join you guys today, but I am still recovering from Friday. My legs are so F'g sore. I now know it wasn't a good idea to spend 5 plus hours in the bumps on my first day out for the season.

    Grassi was looking really good in the bumps on Friday when I skied with him.

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    Brian is there now; he probably missed you guys.

    You bump addicts; your disease is spreading!

    Glad you guys got out there and had a great time today!
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    good skiing with everyone today. the rain made for decent conditions, bumps seemed to get softer as the day went on. even though it was wet it was good to get my first sundown day in the books. looking forward to many more nights/days there this season.

    today was a bonus day (for lack of better term), if i didn't have a season pass i would not have ventured out today. The way the weather was looking i would have been content to sit home on the couch. Glad i made it out
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    Quote Originally Posted by severine View Post
    Brian is there now; he probably missed you guys.
    I got there a little before 2:00, at which point it was just Greg and Steve left. Rain had softened the bumps up a bit, and continued to get softer as it continued to rain. Steve was dragged off by his kids after a bit, and then a bit later Brian joined. Took a run with Jarrod and one of the other park guys sometime around 4. Pretty good bumps, especially for CT in November. Too bad they'll be closed during the week.

    Greg and I left at around 4:15-4:30, I think Brian was staying until they closed at 5.

    Short outing, but it makes 6 in November. Not a bad start to the season.
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    6+ hours bumps today. Effin rad. Those bumps were good in the morning, but progressed to epic status between 1 and 2 pm. Simply perfect, and the lines were deep and cut by rippers. I'm shot. More later and some vid hopefully at some point tonight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2knees View Post
    Jeff, we'll get you in those bumps if its the last thing i do. .
    I'll be in there before you know it, waiting for the lower bumps to be put in place. Also need to work on closing up my stance and then short turns.

    Good to see everyone out there.
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    Nice bumpin' with ya'll. Fun day. Looking forward to the film. I hope Greg utilizes one of those shots of him in the car driving to the hill.
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    Great getting out with you boys...skiing today was pretty fantastic despite the NCP...Im spent ..gonna zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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    I'm really glad I got out, even if it was only for 2 hours or so. To be honest me legs were so shot I wasn't even sure if I'd make it that long. I held in there though and nabbed last chair just before patrol closed it down for the night. I actually thought I had already missed it as the last two patrollers were waiting to board the chair when I skied up, they saw me standing there looking dejected and held up so I could make one more run, thanks Marie! Skied the last few runs top to bottom and my legs sure are feeling it! The bumps were great, can't wait to get back to them next weekend.

    I showed up just as Greg was inside taking a short break, I was happy to run into him as I assumed that everyone would have been gone by then. Good to meet Mondeo again and ski with him, the only time I had seen him before was during last year's bump comp. Sorry I missed all you other guys, sound like there was quite the crew going on.

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