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    i thought i saw the killington ripper chick (AKA amanda??) in one of the photos, did she compete against the men again?
    She's in the green pants on the right in mid-jump:

    I have more pics that I haven't edited yet. She did qualifying with the women but then decided to compete with the men, IIRC.

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    wow - what a great time. Sorry to have missed it. I was videoing up at the K A meet both days, but I thought about the comp a few times on Saturday, wondering how it was going.

    Can't wait to get down there for S7. I'll try to get all runs this time.

    Congrats to BMM - I saw him ski once at Bush and no doubt he's got bow-hunting skillz, nunchuk skillz, computer hacking skillz...

    The OSTD at the bottom of the run is a classic!!!
    Wait Till Next Year!!!

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