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    I did a portion of this hike in flip flops. It wasn't that bad.

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    Believe it or not, a friend of mine hiked up this in flip flops:

    He won't be trying that again.

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    While hiking on the wind and rainswept Crawford Path a week or so ago we saw one of the Mizpah croo on his way to Lakes of the Clouds in shorts, tee shirt and what looked like flip-flops (with socks on). Mind you it was very windy - a full gale with gust near 50 and raining steadily. He was really bookin' too. I'm guessing he was cold.

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    I hate Flip Flops, can barley tolerate them going from the beach to the car, or for that matter to my house's mailbox. No way would i hike in them.

    I've been trying hikes in the "barefoot" shoes, so far with disappointing results.

    First tried the Merrell Trail Glove. I liked the even, negative heal lift. Loved the way the midfoot/heel cup fit so close and didn't move around on my foot when twisting and turning over and thru rocky areas. Problem was, my toes kept lifting and hitting the toe cap upper which quickly became irritating and for all the wide toe shape my two smallest toes (pinky toe and the next), kept scraping the toe cap, ended up the deal breaker. I also thought the grip on rocks was terrible and i felt every thing i walked on. I hike around Philadelphia's Fairmount Park Valley Green. The clay/gravel trail surface of Forbidden Drive was murder on my feet.

    Next up the New Balance Minimus. Better traction than the Merrel and not as hard on my feet, feel every pebble. Just as tight fitting in the heel midfoot as the Merrell. They allow my feet to wrap around logs and rocks which inspires confidence and feels right. Wanted to like them but the forefoot toe area tends to be spoon shaped which isn't at all problematic when traversing rocks and tree roots but killes my two little toes on flat surfaces. I literally have to walk with my ankles rolled inward, pressure on the big toe/metatarsal to take the pressure off my outer little toes. Very unnatural. They're going back.

    I'm a old guy who in the nineteen-seventies wore Kaslos Earth Shoes with negative heels/foot shaped toe area. I like the direction they're going in with anatomically designed toe shapes. I have what some refer to as "French Feet", or just plain flipper feet so i hate shoes that pinch my big, little or both inwards. That was why i got so excited when i first saw these barefoot shoes. The Keens have a good toe shape but are all too wide everywhere else, my heel is all over the place in them. Debating trying the trail glove again a 1/2 size up only because they'd be great walking around town in if my toes wouldn't graze the toe cap. I wasn't wild about their performance on the trails i hike.

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    flip flop update

    just an update (wow this thread I started is still alive one year later)

    I finally got a pair of hiking boots (graduation present), Asolo's, and love them.

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    used them for the first time this spring last weekend

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    Flip flops are THE WORST thing for your feet. No support and studies show they actually make you alter your stride. My podiatrist says going barefoot is better and flip flops should come with a warning. If youve never had tibial tendonitis or plantar faciitis your lucky!!

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    follow up:

    I got the new Merrell Barefoot Run Road Glove a few weeks ago and like them much better then the Trail Glove. They have a higher arch, visibly apparent by comparing the soles of both styles. Much better support while still retaining the barefoot feel. Also the little knobby sole lugs are good on trail: http://www.merrell.com/US/en-US/Prod...e?dimensions=0

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    I've hiked Mt Washington barefoot a few times as well as other areas. Not for the unbroken in feet!
    The rest of the time I use my Limmers.
    As for sandals and flipflops...... not recommended. stubbed toes are painful and annoying and having rocks slide and fall on top of your feet can be downright hazardous! I speak from experience many many moons ago... I've gone with flip flops(=failure) and tevas that hold to your feet better but the exposure was too great for the trade off. I still have some scarring on the arch!

    If I don't have my Limmers or other full leather uppers(=ankle support and protection) I'll go barefoot and a lot slower(though friends would argue I'm faster)

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    Took the dog for a walk to the coffee shop in flip flops the other day. It was nice out so we strolled to the Pemi. Then kept wandering and without really paying attention almost summited Loon. Wasn't so bad...but the down really sucked. I paid for it for a couple of days.

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