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    Skiing, love bike rides and tennis, and now that we have a toddler on our hands we're reaching the stage where we can do all of these things as a family, which is exciting!

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    Mostly cycling - road, mountain, commuting

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    Swimming, Kayak, Road Biking

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    Quote Originally Posted by HD333 View Post
    beer drinking

    Non Snow
    Softball (beer league)
    beer drinking
    Need to add a few "sports"

    Kan Jam
    And still beer drinking.

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    I Love Apres'

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    Quote Originally Posted by HD333 View Post
    Need to add a few "sports"

    Kan Jam
    And still beer drinking.

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    Don't forget Beer Pong!
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    Skating on Ponds

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    Life does'nt leave me as much time as it used to for my hobbies but I like to Ski And Soar ( fly Gliders )
    I have around 800hrs , had many cool experiences and a few scares . The sky is like a giant lava lite landscape, air movement can lift a Sailplane over 1000'ft pre minute up in rising air currents , also air flow over mountain ranges can set up a standing wave that can be "surfed " tens of thousands of feet upward.When you see a lenticular cloud ,like the one over Wildcat on Saturday.
    That indicates the presence of a Wave.
    Spring is best for my highest altitudes over the years , cool air warn sunshine .Fall when Hawks migrate is cool , as your circling in a thermal they spot you and fly over and join in , sometimes you may see dozens all around.We have a Bald Eagle living not too far from the airport ,Flew in a thermal 30' away and gained 3000'ft with him.

    Not my vid but this is what Wildcat looks like from above riding Wave

    2014 World Gliding Contest Finland 3D Flight traces . Not much of a spectator sport but this gives an idea of whats involved.

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    Other use for Ski Tracks App . not 3D but worked OK.
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    Mostly kayaking, mountain/road biking and skiing. Other casual sports that I play occasionally are tennis and basketball. This year I'm planning to add rock climbing and surfing to my list.

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    Hiking with the Dog, Messing with my Car (Not really a sport). Gardening

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