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    Quote Originally Posted by o3jeff View Post
    Plenty of couch time I'm sure!
    Actually I rarely sit on the couch... I mostly hang out on my bed (where the good TV is).


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    Iceman and I did a 5K on 6/23 and I got 35:30 - he got 20:50.

    I've been experimenting with my stance the past few times out, it seems if I stand up staighter I can stride better and I feel like I have more speed.
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    Yeah, I hunch when I run.

    I did 5 miles last night in 37:30, 7.5 minute miles. I was wiped by the end. I used to keep that pace up for 8 miles, not any more.

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    Did my 5AM 5 miler this morning. Beautiful morning out there today - about 60 degrees and no humidity during my 41 minutes on my local track
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    Iceman running his 1st ever cross country race today at the famous Sunken Meadow course:

    He got a 20:03 5K (road) this past Saturday, bested his previous time by 40 secs. Its all the x-country training he's been doing.
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    I did a 4.6 miler on the treadmill today. Mostly to work off the crap I ate over the last 3 days of traveling
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    he ended up 10th but said he thought it was a 5K instead of a 1.5 mile and was throttling back. But becuase he was top 10 he goes to Philly to compete on Saturday
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    Looks like the event he's going to Philly for is called the "Briarwood Invitational"
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    Awesome..I'm thinking about running the Apple harvest road race in Southington, CT if I can make it down, otherwise looking forward to spending more time on the trails with my dog now that the leaves are changing in VT. Ahh..the Great Outdoors!!

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    Just finished a 35 minute run...forgot to turn my gps on, hoping it was at least 4 miles

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