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Wyoming Trip - Jackson Hole, Snow King, Grand Targhee


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Aug 2, 2006
the woods of greater-Waltham
Sorry, am i misreading (it happens)? didnt you say anyone who wants the bar down is a pussy? Sorry was a bit agro but this world is getting out of control with internet tough guys. My point was: Yes i want the bar down and when im over some super high terrain as i age i am getting more cautious. But please dont call me a pussy, ha, thats the point. THere are many levels of testing manhood was my main point. Maybe you like heights and no bar? Good for you. Cheers

Ha, sorry, i reread. My apologies. Is valium good? So you were actually pointing how they look at it?
Well sheeeyyyittttt, looks like we butted heads over nothing!😅 Basically yes, I was taking a guess at the mentality of the insistent bar-up chair rider and tried to paint it with over the top negativity. Perhaps it backfired on me🥴
I always put the bar down. I probably went through a short phase where I thought pulling the bar down was a gaper flag. Then it dawned on me one day that a chair can actually stop suddenly and what if it did🤔 That and, it's silly to think that leaving a chairlift bar up is proving anything to anyone. That and, I usually like to lean forward sitting on the chair; gives my lower back a stretch. It'd be nuts to do that with the bar up.
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Dec 23, 2003
Might be going from Jackson NH to Jackson WY
Wifey was just there and now wants to drop everything ( and ditch her family) to move west.....
Where the millionaires are being pushed out of town by the billionaires.

Honestly I love the town of Jackson (WY) and would Love it for us to move out there if our families would too haha. I told my wife it is like a Hallmark Movie of a town.