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Beloved Anchorage Skier “Poacher Dave” Passes Away On His 100th Day Of Skiing This Season


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Oct 7, 2011
To many, Dave was known as “Poacher Dave”, a nickname he earned in 1987 after poaching the filming of License to Thrill in Jackson, Wyoming. While he was more or less invited to follow the crew, the image of a poacher had been created.

Ducked the rope into Unskiable Chute with two ski stars. Got diverted from skiing it by patrol, but never got caught by them. Skied down and blended into the crowd as it opened. End of the day I got interviewed by the film crew. They created this bandito rope ducker ‘Poacher’, and here I am.” – Dave Pettry according to Friends of the Chugach Avalanche Center
March 14, 2024 was filled with sunshine, powder, and heartache. On this day we lost a beloved member of our backcountry community. Dave Pettry passed away at the bottom of one of his favorite ski runs on the south side of Tincan, succumbing to a medical issue. It was Dave’s 100th day skiing in the backcountry for the season, he was 71 years old.” – Friends of the Chugach Avalanche Center

Now that's leaving a Snow legacy. Best wishes.

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