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Brighton 3/28/19


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Dec 30, 2003
Spencer, MA
3:30am alarm this morning, 6:15 flight and into SLC around 9:45. Got the car and rolled into a relatively empty Brighton parking lot...parked feet from the Milly Express.

I knew going in that it was very warm here the past few days and it was below freezing on the hill with flurries today so my expectations were low. Skied for an hour and a half before lunch, basically just touring the mountain and checking out each section. Milly and Western areas were on the ugly side for natural stuff...very crusty. Edgeable but hard to turn. Groomers off both were fun though. The snow on the naturals at the tops of Crest and Snake Creek was much softer so I took note of that and would return after lunch.

The last 2 hours I basically lapped Hard Coin, Doyle's Dive, and Sawbuck. Snow in the woods was very nice and soft. Loved that area of the mountain...good steepish lines, although on the short side. Biggest drawback was the long runout back to the lift fighting through hordes of beginners.

Called it early as I started to get that "first day out west" splitting headache that was almost making me have to puke. No reason to push it on day 1 of 6. Took Wren Hollow back which was hardpacked and slick, a little reminder of home.

Overall I liked Brighton a lot better than Solitude. There is a TON of territory between lifts and it seems like you'd be able to find fresh powder for hours. Very easy to lap good terrain. Wish conditions were better because looks like a lot of fun exploring the terrain which isn't extreme by any means but looks really fun. Almost reminded me of Alta with no Cirque. Not to mention that IMO it has the best views that I've seen at a Utah resort.

The plan for tonight was originally to drive to Evanston, WY, grab a room for the night, and continue up to Jackson tomorrow. Decided at the end of the day to just stay in SLC as I was quite tired and plus there was rumblings of maybe 6" at LCC tomorrow and a powder day in lieu of a day at Jackson wouldn't hurt. But if no snow I'd just drive to Jackson and get a half day in.

Fast forward an hour, sitting in the room I check NWS and suddenly the forecast for LCC is 16-24"!!!!! WHAT?!?!? Simply put I'm wide awake again and I literally was jumping around in the room when I saw the forecast.

The most surreal part is it's 65 degrees and sunny outside right now, I'm watching the Red Sox and have been out and about in shorts and a t-shirt. Surreal doesn't begin to describe the feeling I get thinking I'll be a 20 minute drive from an epic powder day in the morning.


Apr 24, 2018
Brighton has very easy access to side-country, from both Milly chair and Western chair, which has fantastic snow and terrain. Would definitely not do it today but should be good days after a storm.