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Cannon 3/9/16


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Mar 25, 2004
Boston, MA
Cannon 3/9/16
Conditions: wet ice,, some harder wet ice, firm, loose mashed potatoes, wet snow

Took the day offbecause I promised my older son a ski day. I was sensing that this may be one of my last ones.
Coverage on trails that had man made cover was good but it's going fast. The surface was basically somewhat soft "ice", the typical stuff that made made snow compacts into. On more steeper sections, there was still some firmer surface that was a bit harder to get an edge into.
Then there were sections of really wet ice, with water running over/under it.

The temps by early afternoon, at the bottom of Cannonball lift were at about 52 *F. The best skiing was off the Cannonball. The two natural snow cover trails that were opened (Vista Way and Taft) skied really well, especially in morning through early afternoon. Taft was deteriorating fast, but it had best moguls.
Vista way stayed really good for most of the day. It was mashed potatoes, some moguls and rocks in couple of places.

We did not even bother with the trails on the lower part of the mountain, it was just crap. Skiable, but just wet ice. But the surface never got "grabby" as variably wet snow tends to get. Waxing helped, I'm sure.

The predicted rain (for the afternoon) never came, so I felt like our after 2 PM turns were a bonus. Overall, it was fun but today's rains and higher temps, I may be calling it quits. Unless we have big cooldown and the hills drain a bit, it's less likely that I'll venture back out.

All the puddles near the base of lifts also tested my new Full Tilts. They leak like a sieve! Most probably through the lower buckle rivets. Oh well, my old Flexons also leaked.