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Elk 3/3/17

Not Sure

Well-known member
Dec 14, 2013
Lehigh County Pa.
For the last three times I've been to Elk with expectations low due to weather .....Each time I have been very suprised by the "Elk Cloud" the micro climate around the mountain is crazy, a mile or two down the road is a diffrent story.
Today I expected boiler plate but went anyway ,the last miles drive was suprised by 2" of fresh powder. Arrived in a moderate squall with the sun in and out . Snowguns blowing on Tunkhannock and a ferw other trails. In December I arrived to 8" of powder but fooled around getting out and was left with a few untracked runs . I was determined not to do the same thing so I skipped the rest room and headed out . The powder was very edgeable but compressed against a very firm surface so even the greens were very fast . Some of the blacks were showing bullet proof stuff underneath and a few places had fracture lines showing from the rain carnage. Looks like a good effort to remain open to give the pass holders
their 100 days.

Drove past Camelback on the way up , Blowing as well.