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Loon 2-5 & 6


Dec 2, 2009
128 Burbs
Busiest day after Superbowl I have seen in past 10 years.

Monday 2-5

A lot must have come due to the 8" of new overnight.

Not much grooming, which is par for the overnight following Patriots in the big game.

Top to bottom, and all in between, everybody smiling. Great conditions. But, a lot of work, that increased as it got pushed around. Many done at noon, and more each half hour. Memorable day.

Tuesday 2-6

3" of light freshies over night. Light snow continued until 10:30am.

Light crowd. 2 - 3 people in gondola "singles" line at most. Edges of many trails still fresh, when I quit at noon.

Certainly a buzz, given predicted storm today (Weds).

Still wish they would open 7 Brothers chair during the week.