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Magic Mountain 1/12/13 Inversion Day!


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Oct 31, 2005
Somewhere Outside
Spring skiing on January 12, please....
Sunny and 40-50 at summit, cloudy and 35-40 at the base. No wind!

Took our time heading to Magic this morning. Felt a little slickness every once-in-awhile. Pulled in around 8:30 to very few cars in lot A. Mountain was totally fogged in. Warmed up fast. Snow turned beyond mashed potatoes, more like cookie-dough. Real tough day skiing again! No lift lines. Black "twinged" a couple times today, but it isn't ready yet I don't think. Snow is starting to deteriorate with the weather. Broomstick and Hans were roped. I also want to say the food served in the Black Line Tavern is very good.
But the story of the day was the Inversion. A phenomenon we've all seen, but today in Southern VT it was simply magical, mostly because it was a daylong event. First run at 9:15 Mountain was totally fogged in. Probably around 10:00,sun started peaking at the summit. Every run after the fog receded into the valleys to give us some awesome "vistas". Finally settled around 2,000 feet by days end. It was crazy skiing halfway down in beautiful sunshine then hitting this wall of dense fog!
I think some of the best pics I took are in Billskis Magic vista thread...............
Very foggy ride home.

First glimpses of land:

Handle Tow getting some love.

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Jan 12, 2012
keep the faith
That red chair pic is confusing... are those people skiing downhill or uphill ? :-o

Looks like their base is holding up reasonably well, so far. Suprised Broomstick was roped as that trail was covered in lots of snow a week ago.