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Mohawk Mountian 1/31/14


New member
Jan 22, 2014
Western CT
Time Skied: 3:45pm to 8:15pm
Conditions: packed powder, groomed powder
Weather: mid to lower 20's

They had both the Bolder Summit and Arrowhead Triple Chairs open on the left side of the mountain which really helped with the crowds. Did all the non-night skiing trails when I first got there before they closed them off: Route 100, Chute, Ledges, Deer Run, Exhibition, and Pinnacle. They were all really great and had nice coverage on them. The powder that was already moved around provided a good amount of grip. Some trails had untouched, freshly groomed corduroy which was awesome. As night came, the trail Mohawk turned into a huge piece of ice. Wildwood and Timber were still amazing though with some nice packed powder still left on them for some excellent skiing. Overall, it was an A- night.
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