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Prologo Scratch Pro TS Saddle

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Jun 3, 2008
Prologo Scratch Pro TS Saddle

The Scratch Pro Ti Solid saddle from Prologo is not a name that rolls off the tongue. It probably sounds better in Italian. And you should be grateful that Prologo hasn't chosen to cram all of this saddle's attributes into one moniker, but we'll catalog the most important ones here, so you understand the key technology built into this premium perch.
You can get the Scratch Pro Ti Solid in two widths: 134 and 143mm, measured at the widest part. If you're not sure which size is right, you'll want to have a (close) friend measure the protuberance of your hip bones and their width. In general, the wider this distance, the more likely you'll want the wider purchase of the 143mm model.
Either way you'll benefit from Prologo's Easy Stroke Design, or ESD. Staring at the saddle from above you'll notice a very quick transition from the paddle portion to the narrower nose. That reduces weight, but more, reduces friction of your inner thigh against the saddle. Watch your peers on a group ride and you may notice some of them sliding forward toward the noses of their saddles. It's unconscious, but they're trying to reduce that inner-thigh friction. The hazard, however, is the ...available in two widths, this saddle has ESD shaping for efficient pedaling and titanium rails for durability and lightness... reduction of efficient power transfer and comfort. With ESD, Prologo eliminates this likelihood, as you'll be more comfortable and more likely to stay seated at the rear portion of the Scratch Pro Ti Solid.
Three more comfort-focused attributes worth note: 1) The Scratch Pro Ti Solid features a carbon-fiber-injected frame with cutouts near the nose, to make that forward portion more forgiving. 2) The foam attached to the frame features varying durometers, so it's firmer for more support beneath your hips, progressively softer in the mid section, and firm again at the tip. 3) This is a rounder saddle. Prologo suggests it's for buyers who prefer to stay seated on long rides and move around less. If you're a standup climber and tend to shift your weight more on your rides you might find the brand's semi-round or flat models more comfortable.
Finally, the "Ti Solid" portion of the saddle of course refers to the rails. By using titanium, Prologo is able to reduce weight without consequent strength loss. If you prefer even more strength, for instance, if you want to use a Scratch Pro for mountain biking or cyclocross, you might consider the Scratch Pro Ti 1.4 instead, which gets a reinforcing nickel-coating added to the rails.
Prologo's Scratch Pro Ti Solid saddle is available in 134mm and 143mm widths and comes in Black/black, Hard Black, and White/white color schemes.

Price: $89.99 (48% Off!)
Regularly: $175.00

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