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Southwest adds flights into Steamboat


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Dec 30, 2003
Spencer, MA
Maybe, but BOS-DAL is worthless to get to HDN on SW in my book. Much better going BOS-DEN (which SW is still flying nonstop twice a day) and getting on one of the many DAILY DEN-HDN flights SW will have.

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BOS-HDN is served direct by JetBlue and was often $314 round trip last year except maybe a few midseason weeks. Obviously doesn't fly every day. I cant imagine you'd save enough flying Southwest to make it worth flying to Dallas. Probably a bit cheaper flying through Denver though.

I got a message from JHMR saying BOS-JAC now has a direct flight via American but I've never heard of it before. Will have to look into that. Hate American but a direct flight would be worth it.

Edit - just looked it up and indeed American is firing up a BOS-JAC route in December. Awesome.