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UMaine Forest 8/17


New member
Nov 19, 2008
Augusta, Maine
Another great rip tonight in the UMaine Forest. Again rode at the High School side. Spent far more time on the double track than I would have liked but a lot of it had to do with it being my first time on clipless.

Also, the loaner bike I am riding is a Carver 96er which complicated a few things. Definitely a different ride. Pretty nice components on it...Chris King Headset, X-O rear derailleur, XTR front drailleur, Rock Shox Reba with remote lockout. All in all, not a terrible bike to ride until my new one arrives. It did take some getting used to as the geometry was not like the other bikes I have been on. I felt fairly in control but further forward than I would have liked. The frame size was right, a medium, but something about the position of my upper body felt awkward. Also, after riding my buddies bike for a few minutes then getting back on the Carver, I found it rode like a tank. Not very spry but it did eat up the rocks and roots I threw at it.

The trails are riding incredibly well up here. Someone has been cutting new stuff which we found today and were able to explore. There are rumors of a few ladders and a see saw somewhere in the area but we haven't found them yet. All in all it ended up being slightly over 7 miles. No pics as I didn't have the ability to stop and unclip every time I wanted to take one.