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Utah 4/13-4/17/21


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Mar 2, 2008
Lower Hudson Valley
Nice read! Thanks for taking the time.

Reading your last day made me realize what really make skiing special for me. I like the "hunt" as much as the find! When one find a hidden powder stash, or luck out on a spring powder day, it just felt so much more special!

The unknown of weather, the snowpack history, all produce different condition. Often times even in the same run, changed from top towards bottom. Or one run from the next. The endless variety is what makes skiing interesting to me.

I've been criticized for not appreciating the northeast. But that's precisely the issue here. We don't have as much variety compare to the west. (that said, when I do ski in the northeast, I prefer the "unpredictability" of the ungroom, like trees in particular!) When I travel west, it's not always powder. It can vary from hard pack to slush, with powder runs occasionally interspersed in between. Even the groomers have more character and changes due to the more bigger elevation change and the strong sun.

Plus the change in scenery. It makes for a great getaway, a vacation, the spice of life, blah, blah, blah. ;)

I'm not moving to the mountains. I'm staying in a city with good airport, so I can travel to ski different places.

To be surprised, that's what I like about skiing.


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Jan 6, 2019
Besides catching a nice April snow dump, I didn't realize how great @Zand 's timing was based on logistical factors. Today was Alta's last day except for next Sat and Sun. Today was the last day the UTA buses ran to BCC and LCC. Today was last day for Gadzoom and Gad 2 chairs at Snowbird (where a lot of the best powder skiing was this week). Nice planning Zand!
Three shots from 18 Apr 21, Snowbird:
View attachment 51505
View attachment 51506
View attachment 51507

Great photo of the Tram!