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Western High Peaks



Spent 6/14 through 6/17 in the rain at Ward Brook Lean-to, 5 miles from trailhead. Took soggy but flat hike to Duck Hole 6/15. Beautiful pond, 2 lean-to's there (took a nap in one). Nobody else around (Gee, wonder why ?)
6/16 Climbed Seymour on very soggy, muddy, steep herd path. No views, of course. But a short hike (4 hours RT). About a 2000 ft elevation gain to 4140 ft.
6/17: Hiked back out, got trapped on Corey's Rd due to 2 downed trees. Managed to call State Police who brought chainsaw, cleaned up mess. Wasn't SURE anyone was going to come, so while waiting, used hatchet in attempt to get through trees. Got 2 hands full of blisters.
Still have yet to see Adirondacks in clear weather.