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Whiteface - March 10-11


Jan 25, 2017
The thread I started a few weeks ago requesting Whiteface info is locked now but I wanted to say thanks for help with the info on trip planning. The skiing was great both days no crowds I thought although I heard some locals on the gondola complaining about Saturday. Arrived around 8 both days and skied everything open, a few that weren't open (Empire and Mackenzie come to mind). Really wish we got to go into the Slides, Hoyt's High and the Sugar Valley glades. Very funny seeing people try and navigate the 1st drop into Blazzer's Bluff.

Weather conditions were pretty mild compared to what I was expecting. Was pretty foggy up top both days but it snowed off and on all weekend. Visibility was poor until about halfway down Upper Skyward.

Long ride from NS of Boston but I would consider making it a yearly trip.