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Want to Buy WTB: Mogul/bump/freestyle skis (used)

Want to Buy


New member
Aug 16, 2018
Frantically crawling out of the backseat
Come on... you know mogul skiing is just soooo 90s. Everybody is either into gettin' GNAR-POW or that Ski Ballet you park rats are doing these days, with your greasy noses and poppin' air. I can help you out: just give me those horribly uncool skinny straight things you've got collecting dust in the closet; I'll even give you cash in return.

This would be a second ski in my quiver for me, so I'm looking for really cheap (not charity, but nearly). Would pick up if in TX, New Mexico, or Colorado.

Looking for something on the softer side of the mogul ski spectrum, something like the Dynastar Twisters, 4FRNT Originators, or K2 244/Mambas. But I'd consider something in the medium range of stiffness (like the Hart F-17s).

168-178cm in length. Don't have to have bindings included.