Mt. Major NH 9/27/14


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    Mt. Major NH 9/27/14

    I'm not much of a hiker at all, but decided to take a swing up to Mt. Major today (along with about 20000 other people). I knew nothing of Mt. Major and was planning on something really, really easy like Mount Agamenticus. While still pretty easy, I was pleasantly surprised that there was some pretty decent pitch and available boulders to scramble a bit on near the top.

    Views from the top were pretty outstanding. Similar to those while skiing Gunstock (same range). Nice day, but a little too hazy to see Washington.

    I did the Blue trail up and Yellow trail down, which is apparently 3.4 miles. It took me just about an hour and a half to complete the loop with a brief stop at the top for a few photos.

    You know, early this summer a large group got lost up on Mt. Major and were the subject of much ridicule here on the forums. To be honest, I could see how folks could get lost pretty easily going off the the top. The trails aren't incredibly well marked. I could see folks ending up heading out the Belknap Ridge trail and missing the yellow trail back down to the parking lot.

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    That's a nice hike. I did it ten years ago, but the views were amazing and yes it was pretty busy.
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    Mt Major is great. Especially if u have a half day. Ive done it about a dozen times and always enjoy it. The loop I like doing is start on left which is the Boulder Loop trail and less busy going up than the Blue trail....some good steeper sections at top
    I then come down off the backside which is not as well known. It eventually hooks into the Blue trail. Another side option to extend the hike a bit is to go left just off the backside and in about 15 mins u are on top of Straightback. Views not as good of the lake but cool views to the South and West

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