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    One piece of clothing that you don't want to skimp on is the first layer that you'll wear. Cotton is worn in summer...for a reason. It breathes but also one quality about cotton is that once damp or stays cool(in warm temperatures) and stays downright cold(in cooler/cold temperatures). In skiing you're going to build up a little more heat and thus perspire a bit...that's why all skiers wear, what they call the wicking layer...of polyester with somekind of coating, polypropylene, silk/wool or somekind of combination...that will wick that perspiration off your skin where it'll hopefully evaporate outward, thus keeping your skin a lot drier....
    I know I've wandered a bit away from the jacket, but I just thought I'd mention it if you haven't given it any thought, because you need to wear this layer...instead of something of cotton or ordinary clothing layer....
    This is important to know as good thermal can be picked up cheap enough and makes an enormous difference

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    Under Armor ColdGear works well for the base layer.

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