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    Hey thanks, Yeah my grandpa built the camp up there in the 70's its on aziscohos lake. I am from maine so it's more like I am moving back to maine rather than from dallas. I have been here for almost 3 years while going to chiropractic college. And I have actualy read lost on a mountain in maine, I even got to meet the guy (can't remember his name) while I was in middle school. I will read we took to the woods though, looking forward to it. Thanks for the info, I can't wait to get back up north!
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    You can "Get away from the crowd" well..

    You can also bring all the "stuff" you need and set up a pseudo base camp out there, then hit/visit areas that are removed from the "popular" and "written about" areas(that get the maine-street-NorthConway-traffic type of hiking crowd). The Katahdin range is the single largest/highest in the state, but as the rest of the AZ crew can tell you...mountains half the size of the big ones have their share of character as well, and with that in mind...there is nothing unique in BSP's undeveloped/unspoiled comparison numerous other areas. What is nice is the West and East Branches of Penobscot and Sebois Rivers nearby...along with Nesowadnehunk Stream(western edge)..for paddling/water-supply.


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