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    27 50.94%
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    4 7.55%
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    9 16.98%
  • No, and I have no intention of getting one

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    Relevant article:

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    I am far too cheap to buy cable. (Also, I love GIS)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeanoNYC View Post
    I'm still waiting for the price of calculators to come down..
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    When is it that all TV broadcasts are required to switch over to the HD signal?
    Not an HD signal, just a digital one. I think the conversion started in June. Now it's an all-out tag team naked Jell-o wrestling match for who gets to do what with the analog spectrum.

    I have two HD TVs, but only one HD cable box. One's a 36" Aquos, not sure what the little one is. It was flat, and it was cheap, so we got it for the bedroom.

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    I'm upto 3 now between the multiple properties.

    The primary is a wall mounted 50" Samsung Plasma. The secondary in the basement is my "old school" Sony XBR 32" high def ready picture tube TV (weighs almost as much as a snowcat ) And then I just added a 32" LCD wall mounted TV at the ski house(this one actually saved me $$ in a round about way as after we bought our ski house, my wife was convinced that we needed a wall of built in cabinetry for the TV(26" tube came with the place)/books/family momentos, etc. I suggested hanging a flat sceen on the wall, and a quick trip to walmart and I have a clean looking wall with a high def picture

    Love high def programming. I could literally just watch Discovery HD all day, okay the occasional NESN Redsox broadcast isn't tooo bad either!

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    I'm quite spoiled: I have a 50" flat screen plasma in the great room and a 46" DLP in the living room
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post

    When is it that all TV broadcasts are required to switch over to the HD signal?

    They dont have to switch to HD only DIGITAL.....the analog is going the way of the do do bird I think next year is the cutoff for major networks..smaller markets have some leeway.

    and in regards to the HD/Flat panel/LCD/Plasma....

    ONE WORD..


    nuff said...

    you'll LOVE the cost...youll LOVE the set, and you'll LOVE the picture.


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    Haven't taken the plunge yet but have been looking. Folks pay through the nose to be early adopters of new technologies. How do you folks who have the Sharp Aquos LCDs like them? And do you see any ghosting or image blur when watching fast moving subjects? I've been debating plasma or LCD. The plasmas are heavy, use lots of electricity, and generate a lot of heat. And we have some built in area where the TV will have to go so the heat concerns.

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    There is some blur/pixilation on the Aquos. It's usually not noticeable, but when it is it annoys me. Never see it in anything HD or on DVD, but early 90's action movies on TBS are tough.

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    I spend a lot of time away from home, so I end up watching TV on my laptop using a SlingBox.

    The SlingBox is, IMHO, one of the greatest inventions of the past 10 years. Amazing technology. And cheap!

    At home I have a regular ol' 32" TV. It's true that the ball game isn't as crisp as on HD, but I've got other things to spend $2000 on. It's just a question of priorities. I don't think badly of people who spend that kind of money on TV. It must be important to them.

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