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    Re: Seeking good Eastern Terrain "Mid or Fat / All-mountain" ski suggestions...

    Quote Originally Posted by smootharc
    Psyched for MRG this Sat, and the Bush on Sunday. Sorry Burke Forum Group Meeting won't work out this time around for me.
    Well, we will be there if you change your mind...a great mountain to ski and you'll have less folks to ski around.
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    my husband and i both have the im75 chip head monsters and absolutely love them.he went from 177 atomics to 170 heads. i have the 163, had 170 crossmax before.
    friends who are way better skiers than we will ever be also have them and they ski mostly utah.
    we are mostly killington skiers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awf170
    not as bad as you would think on groomers
    Not as bad as you think?

    I'm flying on mine....quick transitions..still cranks out the turns...just doesn't have a springy feel coming out of the turn slike mu mogol skis...but my mogol skis can't hold an arc like these...I can almost get horizontal on the steeps...

    OK, OK. sometime I don't get horizontal....and then I have to pick my self up and collect my equiptment

    The only thing I'm really afraid of, is when I take ahit, that I might not come back down..they're almost as wide as an airplane wing...

    Wanted to demo them once at smuggs from a ski shop on the access road...and the manager goes

    Manager: "Dude, I can't let you demo them tomorrow"

    Me: "Why not"

    Manager: "Dude, I've already hooked them up for myself...we're getting a foot and 1/2 of powder"

    Only saw the guy from the lift heading into the wood every now and then that day.

    I love these skis


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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua B
    Yes, this is our latest addition. Hope you enjoy it... I assume that Greg moved the thread to this area.
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    great stuff to chew over...and scratch the ol' chin on. Keep the suggestions coming and I'll throw them into the mix.
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    Pocket Rockets are noit a durable ski. Foam core, easy to overflex, and whewn that happens the top sheet wrinkles and the ski is done. I have a good friend that did his pair of 05s in last week after about 20 days on them. My experience with them was simular...bought a pair used, and broke them in the same way after a month and a half of riding eastern woods, what might be called advanced terrain. Also, they are a cap ski which means if you push an edge, the ski comes apart. If you ski a ski with a traditional side wall, edge reapir is much easier and the ski will take a shot and not be done for.

    I loved the shap of the PR for everything but deep pow and they are very light. If you're ultra-smooth, they could be a good ski for you, but for an of trail ski I would try and go with a wood core with traditional side walls.
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    I may have found your ski. Last Wednesday (Mar 2) I demoed a pair of next year's K2 Apache Outlaws. The skis ROCKED. Conditions were what you'd buy a midfat for, with lots of skied-on fresh snow pushed into clumps with ice patches in between. The skis had a feeling of liveliness I haven't felt in many midfats, coupled with a bomproof stability that made me go looking for the gnarliest snow and laughing at how well they just plowed through the stuff. I was on a 167, and they were plenty maneuverable AND stable at that length. Even though the Outlaws have an 88mm waist, they were fine in moguls too. If you're not in a hurry to buy, I'd recommend you at least try these boards. They kick ass.

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