Reccomend me a set of Hard Pack boards


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    Reccomend me a set of Hard Pack boards

    Hi folks, relative newbie here but have been reading for a while.My first real post....

    Anyway, Id like to take a chance on a board given some of the agressive pricing right now. I have pow boards, and mid fats for the west coast and soft snow days, but looking for a hard pack oriented board to ski groomers with the wife kiddies.

    I have been using some heavy and metal laden volkl all stars for a while. Although onlu 168cm,s They are a "real" ski and have nothing bad to say about them. However since my groms are starting to get off the bunny hill, i have been doing more time on the blues at my local ec 1000k vert "hill" (really pimple) than id like. The allstars are "labor intensive" to say the least. I humbly, have no problem driving them at slow speed, and they can be driven as fast as a race skill if you have the talent. So was looking for something a little err "relaxing" "intuitive" (what ever word fits there) but non gaper so i can ski with the family without working ultra hard. I have a tendency to ski too fast in general.

    In other words, was hoping to find something I could do some auto pilot with the family, but then use to open up when i can escape for a few runs. Something to liven up the boring. Or stated differently, something EC that has a both a a decent slow speed low end, but with sufficient top end when i can get the time to do any real skiing.

    I can comment on what i have tried out west but have not really demo'd out east due to time constraints. For example I have tried the watea 84/94 and thought it was a fine ski but a bit of a snoozer. Hated the mythic rider. Liked the mantra but did not try it n anything but soft. So here's a quick short list. Would appreciate any suggestions, comments etc.

    6 foot 175lb, would prefer something wider in the 72-85ish rang and starting to fee my age...not a bump skier but will drop in here and there.

    Rossi CX80
    Progressor 8/9 or maybe one of the new Motives
    Moment freebird- (probably not enough edge grip here)
    Stockli rotor or stormrider XXL-if the price was "affordable"
    Head monster/peak 82?

    Thanks again....
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    Don't think the Watea is what you are looking for. More of an off-piste ski.

    See if you can find a Volkl Tigershark on sale.
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    Might wanna check out Blizzard's Magnum line ..I know I've seen 76mm()...I think the line has 3-4 widths. (Might wanna check with Philpug..he's been on em'..wider ones I think)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wa-loaf View Post
    See if you can find a Volkl Tigershark on sale.
    I would think the Tigersharks would be very similar to the All Stars, which he's trying to get away from. The Tigersharks may be even burlier than the All Stars.

    Have you thought about any of the Nordica Hot Rod skis - Jet Fuel, Afterburner, Helldiver, etc? They might fit the bill. See if you can demo some. I really like my Afterburners & they perform for me like what you're looking for. They can carve on hard pack real well but they're not so burly that you need to work them real hard, especially at slower speeds.

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    My buddy has the Progressors and loves them for the same purposes as what you're looking for.

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