Likely conditions this weekend?


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    Likely conditions this weekend?

    Can anyone suggest a place to go this weekend (within 3 hrs of Boston) where the conditions will likely be the most favorable for a relative begginer (ie- very well groomed). I know that Okemo is known for it's grooming, but in light of how the weather has been over the last 2 weeks with the warmth, melting and then freeze are there any other places that will likely have nice (relatively speaking) conditions? Are Sunday River, Bretton Woods or Mount Snow good with grooming and conditions?
    Last Sunday I ended up at Wachusett, which was fine and surprisingly uncrowded after reading other experiences there, but I was hoping to try something different this week but only if conditions would be significantly superior with more choice of runs open, more snow etc.
    Thanks for any insight.

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    I'll be at Sunapee this weekend...according to their web site, they plan on making snow tonight and tomorrow night.

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    Stratton is another place known for it grooming. It is also a great place for a beginner.
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    Can't speak to current conditions but in the past I've thought Sunapee has done a very good job recovering from bad weather conditions. Bretton Woods is also a place that'll do almost everything they can to get their terrain in pristine shape. My wife went to Sugarloaf with a friend who's family has a condo at the mountain, she said conditions were much better than they had anticipated. I have work obligations and couldn't go. I'm green, not cause of St. Patty's day, but from jealousy.

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    I was at Bretton Woods last Saturday (my first time there) with my son and things were still in pretty good shape on beginner and intermediate terrain. They have some gentle runs from the top that still had plenty of good snow on them and which were groomed. They had some rain and warmer weather earlier this week, but cooler temps that have moved in will likely have helped.


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    Sunapee fits your bill. Check their website for deals.
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